She Was So Young!

February 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

I think I’ve always been a 40-year-old housewife that worries about spots on dishes and the state of the laundry.

Seriously, I distinctly remember one of my brothers telling his then girlfriend that I was 10 going on 38.

Well, time runs different in my world, so there we have it.

The more I program for pleasure of honing my craft, the more this point is brought home to me: I’m an old fart in a non-wrinkled package.

The latest example of this came to my attention at random while I was figuring out a menu issue with my latest side project. Not only do I have a pad of physical paper by my desk and an omnipresent mechanical pencil, but I may or may not put all my scribbled ideas in a good old, dependable TextEdit file.

I seeeriously have a TextEdit file for each side project I work on. It’s where all my ideas go, and a lot of sweat as well. Because while I wire frame things out in Balsalmiq as I already alluded to in past posts, all of my tweaking goes into this file. And then it becomes my to-do list! 

Because I thrive on easy to follow to-do lists.

Not that I ever follow the directions on my boxes of macaroni, but dang it, someone has to be the rebel around here!

And yes, I really did take a screenshot of a document. I’m too lazy to upload the thing to wordpress, haha.

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